Ballet is a universe of the imagination, a place of magic and enchantment, beauty and romance. Its many worlds vibrate with graceful dancers, glorious music, and sumptuous costumes.


You can’t put ballet into words. That’s why we dance.



Pre-School Ballet
For 2.5 – 4 year olds, ballet classes introduce dance in a fun way. Themed classes and story-telling give variation whilst establishing the basics of a dance technique. For these younger pupils dance helps them learn social skills, discipline, co-ordination and motor skills too.

Pre-Primary – Primary
Pre-Primary lessons are for 4/5 year-olds who have started school. Classes follow the Royal Academy of Dance Syllabus which is a carefully managed programme of dance to include story-telling and fun elements.  Students are entered for RAD Exams from Primary level upwards.  This gives structure and a clear goal for the students to work towards.  Pupils enjoy the challenges and rewards of achieving graded ballet exams.

Grade 1 – Advanced
These classes continue the development of a ballet technique as well as introducing Character Dance and Free Movement. Older students study pointe-work from around Grade 5/6 at the teacher’s discretion.

Character Dance is the Theatrical Presentation of National & Folk Dance. The basic ideas, music & costumes, of these dances are adapted and refined to suit balletic needs and appear in famous ballets such as The Nutcracker, Coppelia, Giselle and Swan Lake.

A strong ballet technique is recognised as the cornerstone of most other forms of dance.